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PAUSE - Delayer Gel 40ml
NO MORE WORRIES ABOUT ENDING TOO SOON! With Pause you decide how long you last. The pleasure prolonging gel designed for men is an exclusive formula of rapid absorption and proven efficacy. With a small amount applied to the male member it is enough to notice its effect in a few seconds. YOU MUST KNOW SUITABLE AS AN ANAL RELAXING. So is! When combined with Inlube water or silicone, it facilitates anal sex practices, favoring relaxation and providing the extra degree of lubrication essential for greater enjoyment. EFFECTIVENESS. One of the most effective pleasure prolonging gels available. It is enough to taste a little bit on the lips to notice its numbing effect. HOW TO USE Apply 1 or 2 drops the size of a pea to the penis when it is already erect. Gently massage to absorb before penetration. In a few seconds you will start to notice its effect. Increase the amount to obtain a more powerful effect.

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