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ART   08593

ART 08593


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Photo by Agustin Tentesion, Barcelona photographer. After passing through different publishing houses in Barcelona, in which he has done all kinds of photographic work: interviews, reports, magazines and books, as well as several exhibitions on different topics, he left the publishing world to dedicate himself fully to artistic photography. His photographic work specializes in fetishism and BDSM, to which he has dedicated himself for several years. Thanks to the volume and quality of the work he has done so far, various specialized publications have been interested in his publication: Magazine, Massad, High heels. Skin two, Bedeseme magazine ... It has been included in the “Fetish Anthology vol. 5 ”from 2007, a compilation of the 100 best fetish photographers in the world. His works include the making of several fetish calendars for the BEL-LUNA jazz club in Barcelona: “Jazz & submission” and "Jaz & Pin-ups".

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